TRILIAN™ is a payment processing solutions firm built to serve the interests of business owners and decision-makers looking to start or enhance their current payment system. Our knowledgeable Certified Payments Professionals™ have specific skills and resources based on years of experience in the payments industry. Let us navigate the complex financial and technical landscape to deliver your optimal payment acceptance framework.

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A “Sale” is the total amount of money that a business receives from selling goods or services. In order to complete the sale, a business must have a way to receive money. There are countless ways to do this, but what is best for your business?

We knew we were paying high rates for credit card processing, so in 2014 we asked TRILIAN to review our rates and fees. In addition to cutting our payment service costs in half, Dan and his team uncovered several other ways for us to save money and streamline our operation. TRILIAN retrofitted our point of sale system, gave us the ability to take payments at events and provided us with essential marketing tools to grow our business. Our profit doubled with the help of TRILIAN, we were able to grow our operation and we trust them with this important part of our business.

Joshua Egal

President and CEO, The Smoke Stack Everything Tobacco

A few years back, a business partner of ours suggested that we meet with TRILIAN about our credit card service. At the time, I was not looking for a new provider, but TRILIAN’s business assessment was eye-opening. We decided to partner with TRILIAN and have realized significant rate reductions. We achieved cost savings that were projected and now have a partner and advisor that we have grown to trust. TRILIAN continues to provide excellent support and we highly recommend their service.

Seana Lois

Vice President, Operations, Kelly O's Diners of Pittsburgh