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Payment Processing

Credit & Debit Processing | Check Verification & Guarantee Services | Next Day Funding | High-Risk Underwriting | Loyalty & Gift Cards | ACH & Bank Transfer | ApplePay™ | Androidpay™ | Mobile Payment Systems

Financial Technology

Point of Sale Hardware | Integrated Software | Online Gateways | Shopping Carts | Recurring Payments | Virtual Terminals | Omni-Channel Platforms | Payment Aggregation | QuickBooks Integration

Secure Operations

Information Analytics | PCI Compliance Support | Secure Data Transfer | EMV/Chip & PIN | Encryption & Tokenization | Secure POS Technology | Chargeback Management | Best Practice Consultation


We are your independent broker of business payment solutions and merchant financial technology

TRILIAN’s bespoke style of ongoing service and support affords you piece of mind over your financial processing. As an independent agency with a vast provider network, we continually work to deliver lower costs and accelerated cash flow. Our knowledgeable Certified Payment Professionals™ have extensive expertise and connectivity in the financial processing industry. We effectively navigate the industry’s increasingly complex financial and technical landscape to tailor optimal payment processes for your business. TRILIAN examines every aspect of your financial processing (much more than simply handling credit/debit cards) to determine the ideal mix of expense, technology, and treasury management functionality.